Random Acts of Batness

Random Acts of Batness

Monday, September 12, 2016

A little Panera...

Yesterday, I went to Panera Bread for lunch, and purchased the woman's meal behind my car. Even though it was only $5.89, it felt good. It wasn't much, but I've been there--not really having that much money to buy my food, and felt great about doing it. I had a feeling while I was in the drive-thru, and wanted to do something nice for someone else.

While you're out today, do something nice for someone else. It feels so good, and it will more than likely, put a smile on that person's face.

#loveyoubrent, #paneralove, #treatingatthedrivethru

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Prayer Blankets

After a day of really thinking about what I could do to help people, I think the idea of making prayer blankets like the ones that we got at Aultman Hospital is the best thing I could do.
So, here's the material that I ordered. I'm going to make 'tie blankets' that are crib size. :)
What do you think of the material?

If any of you would like to contribute to the purchasing of more material, or if you have fleece material for donation, please let me know!  I will also make a "business-type card with the RAOB on it as well as a poem."

I think if I can get enough material going, I can make these blankets all year. I plan on spending around 25 a month to the cause, which should buy a good amount of material. It may only buy 3 blankets or so per month, but it will help.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Our first act...

The Police Department in Mogadore, Ohio, works very hard. Not only do they respond rather quickly to any kind of danger or whatnot, but they are always at the schools, the CVS, and other places--patrolling and keeping our little "village" safe. My brother was a police officer for Bolivar and Sugarcreek Police Departments. While there, he helped many people. I'm proud of who my brother was, and how hard he worked. So, donuts and coffees for these guys! And for me, good Karma. ;)

Thanks for working hard, you're very appreciated!

Danielle & Brent
Pictured below is my son Logan with one of Mogadore's Police Officers:)