Random Acts of Batness

Random Acts of Batness

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

In Memory of Brent on his 40th birthday...

Some of you may already know about my brother, Brent, but many of you don't. He was a good guy--a funny man that had a big personality. He passed away this July, and since then, I've wondered how I could honor the person that he was and who he was...is to me. He was kind, thoughtful, and loving, and I decided that the best way to honor him, would be to pay it forward to others with random acts of kindness. So, starting tomorrow, on his birthday, I am going to start a new tradition. I'm going to give someone something from the both of us. Something, whether it be a service of some kind, money, or a gift... And since he loved batman so very much, I'm going to call these "Random Acts of Batness." (Lol... I know, I'm a total dork. I can totally see him rolling his eyes right now.)

So, as the days, months and years go by, I'm going to post pictures of the things and posts about what we've done to help others. ( I think this will also help me get into Heaven one day. Lol... See, you are still helping me, Brent.)

So, Happy 40th Birthday, Brent. I miss you dearly, and think of you all the time.

Your Sister

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